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Foot Theory Orthotics: From Custom-Fit to Custom-Made
Close-up of two hikers on a sunny trail, showcasing athletic shoes with visible arch support, highlighting the importance.

Ready-fit Arch Supports

Grey Foot Theory orthotic with deep heal cup on white background

Our Ready-Fit Arch Supports target all four arches of the foot for optimal positioning and body alignment. They have relieved foot pain, corrected posture, and eased knee, hip, and back discomfort for thousands of clients.

Custom Made Orthotics

Foot Thoery custom orthotic on white background.

For severe foot conditions or sensitive feet, our custom-made,  orthotics are ideal. Foot Theory crafts these orthotics from exact molds of your feet, tailored to your specific needs,

ensuring a truly tailored fit.

The Right Solution For You

At Foot Theory, we’ll explain your options and show you orthotics that match your lifestyle and comfort needs. You can chhose Custom Orthotic Insole which will be made in our lab in 3 weeks or less or our Ready-Fit Arch Supports which you can wear home the same day. Either way, you’ll start your journey to enhanced comfort immediately.

Premium foot care solutions at Foot Theory

We provide a selection of advanced orthotic insoles. With our 30-day risk-free trial guarantee, you can test them out in your daily life, completely obligation-free.

Each individual's requirements vary, and our foot care specialists are dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect orthotic for your needs. They'll also customize it to align perfectly with your lifestyle.

What is an arch support?

Arch support inserts are specialized devices you put into your shoes to assist in supporting the foot's arch. This support is crucial for individuals experiencing foot discomfort or those looking to prevent pain. By helping to distribute your body's weight more evenly across the foot, arch support inserts can relieve paine and pressure in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back! Foot Theory Arch Supports, are unique because they support all four arches of the foot, positioning the feet in an optimal alignment, and enhancing the body's overall posture from the ground up.

How does an arch support insert work?

Support is facilitated through three primary functions:

  1. Structural support - specifically designed to cradle all four of the foot's arches, aiding in pressure distribution throughout the entire kinetic chain

  2. Stabilization layer - adds additional balance and stability, ensuring a more natural foot alignment.

  3. Comfort padding - works to absorb impact and distribute pressure evenly, reducing strain on the foot, ankles, knees, and back.

By focusing on these key areas, Foot Theory Arch Supports aim to alleviate discomfort and pain throughout the body, promoting healthier movement and posture.

Woman running outside appearing happy, confident, and pain free utilizing her Foot Theory Orthotics.

Arch Support Prices

Orthotic prices can vary depending on where you live and what product you choose, but generally range from $50 to $200 per pair depending on the specific style and features included. In general, the more advanced the technology and features, the higher the price. Our foot care experts are skilled in balancing your needs with your budget to find the right solution for you!

Improve Your Comfort in 3 Steps

1. Schedule

Woman Scheduling a free arch support fitting with Foot Theory Orthotics

your complimentary Arch support fitting online or by phone

2. Try

Feminine foot stepping onto a Foot Theory Ready-fit (prefabricated) arch support.

with a risk-free trial and experience first-hand

Woman running outside appearing happy, confident, and pain free utilizing her Foot Theory Orthotic Arch Supports.

3. Enjoy

Love them and keep them (or bring them back for a full refund)

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