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Read below to hear what customers have said about the
arch supports that we offer at Foot Theory

No Pressure and Better Posture
"Hi There, Just like to say that since I started wearing the inner soles I no longer suffer from aching heels at the end of a long day on my feet. The arch support seems to have removed the pressure from this area."


David Keith

I purchased the package of 3-foot supports,

"Within minutes of finding the right balance for my foot supports my family noticed an improvement in my posture, I could also notice the difference in how I walked, 2 days later my life has changed I feel confident I am happy I am enjoying walking around I don't feel everyone is looking at me and feeling sorry for me I wish someone had told me about these earlier. I would recommend this foot supports for anyone who has problems with their back, knees, hips, or feet or just ring them for advice."

Kathrine Rimunui

"Fantastic design! Extremely pleased with the short profile design that fits into my dress shoes, loafers, and casual shoes without having to tear out existing shoe liners. Other products are too large and make my fit way too tight."

Andre M 

"I don't have back pain anymore!
The arch supports really corrected my posture and relieved my back pain.
I spend about half of my day working on concrete floors. I wear stiff work boots when I work. And had stiffness and pain in my feet when I got home. When I put the insole into my shoe, the difference was obvious after a day. I no longer feel the pain I used to, and even my family doctor will tell me that my back muscles are loose and no longer as stiff as before."

Blake Douglas

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