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Arch Supports

Balance the Body

By Balancing the Feet

How Are Foot Theory Arch Supports Different?

Ordinary insoles keep your feet in the same painful position & don't support the whole foot. Foot Theory arch supports provide comfort while supporting all 4 arches of your feet, restoring them to an optimal position that relieves pain!

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How Can Balance Arch Supports Help?

It’s simple. Foot Theory Arch Supports are uniquely designed to support ALL 4 arches in your feet. When the

arches of your feet are supported, your entire body shifts back into alignment. 

A properly aligned body can easily and effectively compete with gravity and ground reaction forces. Most importantly, good alignment translates to fewer aches and discomforts in your body.

Benefits of Proper Alignment

Restoring optimal alignment helps normalize overall posture.  Poor alignment and posture can create additional strain on the muscles of the feet, legs, hips, and back which in turn can contribute to foot, knee, hip, back, and even neck pain.

Importance of Balance

The majority of common back pain has been clinically linked to poor posture and how your feet strike the ground as you walk. Improved balance is crucial for the elderly, who can more easily lose their balance, which subjects them to a much higher risk of devastating falls.

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