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See below our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Foot Theory Arch Supports. It contains commonly asked questions and answers of how to use our products. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us!



Wearing new arch support is no different from beginning a new sport or gym routine. The muscles of your feet need time to adjust to the changes you are making to them. Please begin by wearing your Foot Theory Supports for only a short time each day, progressively extending the wear time over 10-15 days, until your feet are used to them.  If at any time your feet or body feel uncomfortable while wearing arch supports, take them out immediately and start again the next day, after your feet have rested. 

Please refer to your included "suggested wear schedule" for a detailed adjustment program.


Wear your Foot Theory Arch Supports in your shoes with the heel of the arch support securely fitted against the heel inside your shoe. Your arch supports may be worn underneath your shoe's insole, if it lifts up easily, or on top of the insole. Arch supports can be worn directly under your foot or with socks or stockings and are suitable to be worn in shoes with a heel height of up to 2 inches.

Do not wear your arch support on top of another arch support. Replace your arch support every other year for maximum performance.


If required wash by hand in lukewarm water and a mild cleaner. Dry with a soft towel. Do not machine wash or dry!


Foot Theory Arch Supports are made of high-tech ergonomic material, which is easy to maintain but should be kept away from fire or sharp hard objects.


If you are a diabetic or have a known medical condition, please consult your medical specialist before wearing arch supports.

Foot Theory will not be liable for any injury resulting from incorrect use. If you are unsure if arch supports are appropriate for you, consult your doctor or specialist.

Arch Supports are not suitable for youth under 18 years old due to the ongoing growth of a youth's foot. If you feel your child requires some form of support see a specialist.


Q: How long does it take for my feet to adjust to Foot Theory Arch Supports?


A: Like beginning a new exercise routine, the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of your feet must be given time to adapt to the new supports. Initially, do not push yourself to wear the supports for long periods. "How long" depends; some people wear them all day almost straight away, while others take upward of 1 month or more. It can take up to 3 months - not common, but possible. The usual break-in period is about three weeks. We provide a suggested adjustment schedule.


The few people who have trouble adjusting to our orthotics are nearly always those who try to wear them too much too soon.

Feet also love change, so it is best to move between Workers, Walkers, and Relaxers over your week. Please refer to your included "suggested wear schedule" for a detailed adjustment program.

How are Foot Theory Arch Supports different from inserts and insoles I can buy online or in drug stores?

Foot Theory Arch Supports are made of high-tech ergonomic material. We have the thinnest, best arch supports in the world. They provide firm yet flexible support to lift all four arches in the feet and correct poor foot biomechanics. This can help reduce and even eliminate foot, knee, hip, and back pain and provides instant balance to help take pressure off of joints. Also, we have ethical pricing, compared to our competitors who sell their supports for $1400. So, at Foot Theory you get superior supports and service for ethical prices. 

Can I order from home?:

YES! Foot Theory has arch supports that can be fitted by shoe size with a 95% accuracy rate, which is more accurate than having your arch measured by someone at a retail store with little to no experience. A large number of our clients find major success with foot-length-sized orthotics.


If you need more aggressive support and are ordering by phone or online, we can send you a footprint kit for a fee of $50. Upon receiving your footprint kit you will follow the included instructions and then send us your footprints. Once we receive your footprints, a certified Arch Support Expert will fit and select your arch supports. We then collect the payment for the orthotics minus the cost of your footprint kit. We will then ship your arch supports to you. 

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